Sector 9 Butterballs Review (70mm 80a Slide Formula)

I recently picked up a set of sector 9 butterballs at a local skateshop.  The price, at $45, was highly inflated from the online price of around $35, but it’s always good to support local shops, right?  I put the wheels on my new comet ethos 37 and hit the pavement.  70 millimeters of wheel got me to my secret skate spot in good time, and I immediately got down to business.  From the very first slide, I could tell Butterballs were going to be an awesome wheel for me.  The stone-ground finish gives the wheels a clean and easy slide, even fresh out of the box.  At higher speeds, the wheels certainly earn their name.  Buttery slides come without feeling forced at all, and hooking back up is no problem.  Chalky white thane lines are a huge plus for skaters like me who know how to enjoy a good gimmick.

The wheels do have some faults, however.  Other online reviews bash the Butterballs for being too easily flatspotted. I did not find this to be the case, but I have seen many people who have had the issue in person.  After two sessions, the butterballs were extremely worn down, with the wear ranging from 10-17mm per wheel.

Overall, Sector 9 Butterballs are a wheel I would definitely purchase again.  Without a doubt one of my favorite feeling slides even straight from the packaging, they are comparable to Abec 11 Freerides.  Centerset cores allow for flipping the wheel to prevent coning. The 38mm contact patch allows for an easy release while at the same time offering a very comfortable hook-up after the slide is finished.    The quick wearing is offset by relatively cheap cost, a plus for many skaters my age.  Go to your local skate shop and pick some up!

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